Taking Customer Service To A Whole New Level

Details, Details and Getting Started

Just call us with your ideas and we will be happy to help you shape those ideas into the perfect design. And we can tell you which process would be best for your application. At Kaleidoscope Design it’s all about Genuine Customer Service.


When submitting artwork for processing, remember a quality end product begins with quality artwork. The best formats for your images will be .ai, .eps, or .psd. All art should be provided at the actual size you wish to be reproduced. We can generally work with a lower quality image but you may be charged a fee for labor intensive clean-up. Pixilated files such as .jpg should be at least 300 dpi if possible.


We have a huge library of stock fonts and designs available. Using stock designs means you won’t have to pay digitizing fees. If your original design has never been embroidered you will need to submit that artwork to be digitized. Turn-around time for Embroidery can be as fast as one day. Generally we like to allow 2 weeks. The longer you give us, the more attention we can give your project.

Screen Printing

Multi colored artwork must have the colors separated in order to burn a screen for each color. Your graphic designer can usually do this for you, or our art department can do it for a fee. Screen Printing usually takes a minimum of two weeks, depending on our workload.

Vinyl Transfers

Vinyl Transfers or Ink Transfers on file could be as fast as 2 days. Again, the longer you give us, the more attention we can give your project.


You can purchase garments through us or supply your own. Damage to garments is extremely rare. If we damage a garment purchased through us we will replace that garment at no additional charge to you. Please be aware however that garments supplied by you must be replaced at your expense.


If you have some general ideas and lots of questions please feel free to call us. Our job is to guide you and demystify the process. For your convenience we are available any time, any day by email or by appointment.

We have the answers to your questions and we look forward to your call.